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KidneyMobile Testimonial: Jay Lewis, Jr.

Meet Jay Lewis Jr., a community health worker who got screened at a World Kidney Day event. Jay was surprised by his screening results and visited his doctor with his concerns. He encourages everyone to get regular check-ups and screenings.

“Please take advantage of it because it will allow you to address anything that you didn’t necessarily expect”, he said, “That’s what happened for me. I am eternally grateful to the NKFI because had they not sponsored this event in their KidneyMobile in Southern IL, I might not have known that I had this issue before it was too late.”

Join us on March 10th at the Jones Convocation Center from 10am-3pm for our annual World Kidney Day event in partnership with Chicago State University. There will be free health screenings, a health fair, giveaways, and more!

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