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The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois main office is located in the Tony Noel Center in Chicago, IL. 

office: (312) 321-1500

toll free: (800) 9 - KIDNEY

fax: (312) 321 - 1505

National Kidney Foundation of Illinois 
215 West Illinois Street, Suite 1C

Chicago, Illinois 60654

Thanks for contacting the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. We will respond to you as quickly as we can.


tony noel center

home of the national kidney foundation of illinois

Tony Noel was an exceptional young man who accomplished a lot in his 37 years.  A three-time kidney transplant recipient and a long-time dialysis patient, Tony understood the needs of kidney patients living in Illinois. He was fiercely dedicated to raising funds for the NKFI, and was passionate about improving the lives of families battling kidney disease.


In 2001, just a few short years after he passed away, Tony’s parents, Rosann and Dick Noel, purchased a River North loft in their son's honor, and gifted it to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.


We have been proud to call the Tony Noel Center home ever since, and are deeply grateful for the continued support, commitment and generosity of the Noel family.

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