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Help patients and families affected by kidney disease from the comfort of your own home. Just power up your computer, tablet, or smartphone - and start clicking for a good cause.

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois has made it easier than ever for supporters like you to conduct your own, unique fundraising efforts. Through our digital #TeamKidney platform you can run a variety of do-it-yourself appeals; whether you want to build an honor/tribute page, celebrate a milestone, or create a digital HQ for a physical event, #TeamKidney will let you fundraise your way.


Remember, your passion is at the core of all our work. Whether you raise $100 or $1,000,000, every #TeamKidney effort adds up, and together they make an incredible impact in the lives of patients and families battling kidney disease.


To help you get started, we've put together some helpful information below. Ready to get going? Just click on the link below and you'll be up-and-running in a matter of minutes.

inspiration and ideas

resources to get you going

Host a #TeamKidney Event

Get creative with your support of the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois!  Host your own do-it-yourself fundraiser, and welcome your community into the ranks of #TeamKidney.

Putting on your own #TeamKidney event is an intimate and powerful way to raise money and awareness for kidney disease. There are numerous options for fundraising: you can throw a fancy gala, put on a bake sale, organize a 5K or race, host a streaming event - you can even organize a charity scavenger hunt!

Every dollar you raise supports the mission of the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, and allows us to connect kidney disease patients and their families with much-needed resources and information.


Let us know if you need help getting started. And have fun with your fundraiser!


Have questions about running a #TeamKidney Event?

This list of common questions and answers is great place to find some clarification. 

Challenge Yourself

Get out and move to test your endurance and strength — and to fight kidney disease.

Stream to Support

Join the Team Kidney Streams community to help raise important funds and awareness.

online fundraisers

get social, and share your support

If putting on a physical event isn't your thing, consider hosting an all-digital fundraiser! The NKFI has worked with our national office to build a dynamic, fundraise-your-way portal that allows you to engage with friends, colleagues and family all across the country, and makes it easier than ever for you to spread the word about the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, and introduce your peers to our work. 


The portal takes care of all the back-end labor and finances and takes all the detailed, dull work off your hands. That means all you have to do is create a personalized a page, set some goals, and start fundraising!

Online Fundraisers

Build a Tribute Page

Many supporters of the NKFI have had a loved one be touched by kidney disease, and we know the connection to our cause is life-changing.

Creating a personalized tribute page lets you fundraise in their honor. It is an active way to join your loved one in their battle, or keep their memory burning bright.  By sharing your loved one’s story, you commemorate their spirit, and provide a meaningful opportunity for your community to pay tribute, leave heartfelt messages, and support the search for early detection.

You can tailor your tribute page to reflect your loved one by uploading pictures and stories. It's easy to set goals, appeal for contributions, and share your effort on social media. Pages can be run as year-round, 24/7 campaigns, or they can be timed to mark a special day for your family, or in your loved one’s life.

Fundraise on Facebook

Want to put together a super-simple, no frills fundraiser? All you have to do is post a facebook status!  

You can start by clicking the button below, or by following these steps: 

  • Click "fundraise" on the left menu of your news feed.

  • Click "raise money for a non profit."

  • Search for and select the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois

  • Fill out the info, personalize the details, and click "create."

From there you can promote, share and message your effort to your built-in Facebook network. If you'd like, you can even choose to automatically match the donations you receive (or a portion of them). Overseeing your progress is simple, and Facebook itself manages all the complex work (like processing donations). 

your impact

how your gift pushes us foward


Provides comprehensive health screenings, medical consultation, and follow-up support for three people at risk of developing chronic kidney disease.


Lets three children diagnosed with kidney disease escape from the ordinary with a week at the fun-filled Kidney Camp.


Funds a full, complimentary KidneyMobile screening event, and allows over 60 people to be tested for kidney disease.

benefits of giving
through #TeamKidney

We know how much work can go into organizing an event.

  • Convenience and Tax Benefits. Both the Team Kidney platform and social media giving automatically generate receipts which make claiming your gift simple and straightforward.

  • Easy to Manage Donations. Once your page is complete, you won’t have any financial logistics to manage. All the donations you collect will be funneled directly to the NKFI office. There’s no paperwork or accounting for you to stress over.

  • Getting the Word Out. However big or small your fundraiser winds up being, connecting your friends, family, and wider network with the battle against kidney disease is impossible to place a value on.

need any help?

Never fundraised before and have a question?  Or need a bit of guidance to get started? Our Special Events Manager Allie Widmer is happy to help.


phone: (312) 321 - 1500  x 252

- - - - -

Need technical support with the Team Kidney website?


phone: (215) 923 - 8611  x 742

- - - - -

Should you need the NKFI's tax exempt info:

Illinois Tax Exempt Number:  E9984 - 2823 - 07

other ways to give

thank you for your passion

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois happily welcomes the support of our community, and we are proud to offer numerous channels you may use to get involved in our work.

Give Monthly

Make a meaningful difference in the fight against kidney disease by offering on-going support to patients and families.

Be a Sponsor

Demonstrate your support of the NKFI, and make a major impact in the fight against kidney disease.

Get Involved

Join the NKFI in our work by volunteering, becoming an advocate, or hosting a #TeamKidney event.

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