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For Patients & Families: Recently Diagnosed

recently diagnosed

facing kidney disease

knowledge is power

Being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be a trying and difficult experience - for patients and for their families and loved ones. But information can go a long way towards helping gain control of the situation. A patient who knows what's coming up, what to watch out for, and what treatment options are available if their kidneys fail can make educated decisions about his or her own healthcare.


As challenging as a chronic kidney disease diagnosis is, it is important to take action quickly, put a treatment plan into place, and begin to actively manage your health.


Consider the below actions and steps as you begin to construct your plan.  Please notemany of the action items include links for more information, and will take you to our national office's Kidney A - Z Health Guide.

Get Organzied
Patient Checklist


your doctors and you

Some people find talking to a doctor intimidating, and are afraid to ask questions, get information clarified, or ask for additional options. But being comfortable talking with your medical team is crucial to your healthcare.


It is always okay to ask questions if the explanations or instructions are unclear. Mention any problems you are having, even if your healthcare provider doesn’t ask.  Let your healthcare team know if you have concerns about a treatment or change in your daily life. Taking an active role in your healthcare will help you feel more in control.


The following questions and actions may be helpful for you to consider in advance of your next doctor visit.

communicating with your healthcare team

Your Doctors and You

NKFI kidney health resources

The information shared on this website has been reviewed by staff at the New York City headquarters of the National Kidney Foundation. Please note: material contained here are intended solely for reference. This material does not constitute medical advice; it is intended for informational purposes only. If you feel you need professional medical care, please consult a physician for specific treatment recommendations.

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