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BNN: Free Kidney Health Screening Event by National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and Sarah Bush Lincoln

On March 15, join the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and Sarah Bush Lincoln for a vital free kidney and health screening event. No appointment required.

On March 15, in a groundbreaking community health initiative, the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois teams up with Sarah Bush Lincoln for a vital event. This partnership heralds a free kidney and health screening aimed at bolstering community health awareness and prevention measures.

Key Details of the Screening Event

Set to unfold in the welcoming confines of the SBL Lumpkin Education Center's Rush and Salk Rooms, the event promises an inclusive and vital health service from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. With no charges for the screenings and no requirement for appointments, the initiative stands out for its accessibility. Community members interested in a head start can pre-register online at, though walk-ins remain warmly welcomed. It’s important to note that while fasting isn't necessary, participants will need to provide a urine sample for comprehensive screening.

Benefits of Participating in the Health Screening

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in private consultations with nurses or doctors post-screening, allowing for a personalized review of results. This aspect emphasizes the event’s focus on not just screening but also on education and actionable health insights. Such direct professional engagement is invaluable, providing clarity and guidance for participants on their health journey.

How to Participate

Eligibility is straightforward: individuals aged 18 and above can participate, making this a broad-based community health initiative. For further information or queries, the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois is reachable at 312-321-1500, or through their website at This event underscores a proactive step towards kidney health awareness and is a testament to the power of community-focused health initiatives.

As the date approaches, the anticipation grows not just for the event itself but for its potential ripple effects in the community. By offering these screenings, the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and Sarah Bush Lincoln are not only providing a crucial service but are also fostering a culture of health awareness and prevention. The promise of accessible, professional guidance on kidney health and general wellness could indeed mark a pivotal moment for many individuals, potentially steering them towards healthier futures.

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