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2022 Walk for Kidneys: Chronically Cristie

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Cristie Field was a relatively healthy adult. She was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes at 25 and was able to get her A1C numbers down through diet and exercise. Life was going well for her as a dedicated employee of U.S. Cellular and soon-to-be mom, but once she had her son the doctor noticed that she had elevated levels of creatinine. They monitored her numbers closely and they eventually went back to normal.

It wasn’t until her father passed, that all the stress had quickly re-elevated her creatinine levels once again. After running more tests her doctor discovered that she had stage 3 kidney disease which became stage 5 after finding out she also had IgA nephropathy. With all the questions her family had about her illness, Cristie turned to the one thing that she always had a passion for: writing. Her blog “Chronically Cristie” was born.

Although Cristie was diagnosed with kidney disease in July 2020, she started her Facebook page in December, around the time she began the process to find a kidney donor. Cristie not only wanted to keep her family and friends updated, she also wanted to create a place where she could share her experiences and build connections online. She didn’t know anyone else with chronic kidney disease, and her ultimate goal was to help at least one person with her story.

“Chronically Cristie” has helped Cristie vent as well as meet new people. She has been interviewed for her blog, and even reconnected with a high school classmate who was a kidney transplant recipient. One day while scrolling the internet, she came across and eventually landed on the NKFI Instagram where she learned about our annual Walk for Kidneys event. She was happy to find out that our 2022 event was in-person in Chicago. “The reason I am interested in the walk is because I am looking to make connections with people going through similar struggles and to build awareness,” she said, “and the lakefront is beautiful!”

As for her Walk advice? “It’s about doing your best for a good cause”, she said, “I never imagined I would be dealing with stage 5 kidney disease. It is really important to have check-ins with your doctor, get labs, diet and exercise when you can.

My kidneys stopped working but my life doesn’t have to stop as well.”

While Cristie is still waiting for the finalization of her kidney transplant, her blog writing continues. To follow her transplant journey, visit Cristie's Facebook Page and don’t forget to register for our 2022 Walk for Kidneys event on June 12, 2022 at!

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