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This moment, brought to you by your kidneys...

When Blake's mom was 16 weeks pregnant the doctors found there was something wrong with his right kidney. They continued to monitor it until he was born. When he was just one day old, he went for an ultrasound that showed his kidney was not functioning. After additional testing, prophylactic therapy daily for 10 months, the doctors removed his right kidney and right ureter. He was diagnosed with Stage 5 Vesicoureteral Reflux. His condition is hereditary, and happens 1-3% of children.

Blake has been cleared by his nephrologist as long as he doesn't experience any issues with his left kidney. His left kidney is a little larger than it should be for his age, but that it not uncommon for people who only have one kidney.

Blake and his family have been able to participate in Kidney Walks (pictured above with his mom) and they've attended our kids and teens events.

Blake says, "Today, I am 13 yrs old. I love to draw, play the guitar and ride dirt bike. I am not able to play contact sports for concern of my left kidney being injured. I drink several glasses of water every day and eat a healthy diet. I live a normal, happy life otherwise!"

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