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Every Day is a True Blessing

My kidney transplant has been complicated, it has been filled with guilt, happiness, sorrow and depression. But at the end of the day what I have is a true blessing.

Wayne Morse's sister made an important decision in 1998. She donated her kidney to her brother so he got a new lease on life. Thanks to her donation, he was able to get married and start a family. He says his sister's sacrifice gave him "the things that might not have been possible so I feel that every day is a true blessing."

While many patients rely on mentors or fellow patients for support, Wayne says his post-transplant life felt a little lonely. "I never knew NKFI existed until just a few years ago. I have no other contact with fellow transplant recipients but I did make a friend with a kidney transplant about 3 months ago. For the last 22 years I have been living with this all alone."

"Since I had my transplant in '98 I have been living without a mentor, without any contact with others who have had a transplant. It has been lonely. Not having anyone to talk to about the ups and downs of organ transplantation has been very taxing." He adds that he's proud of himself for all that he's accomplished in the years since his transplant.

Wayne has words of encouragement for others going through the same thing, "There is always hope. Every day you wake up is a blessing. Life is short, time is limited and you can never turn back the hands of time so enjoy every minute you have on earth."

He says he takes excellent care of his donated kidney. "Kidney health is important to me because it is my direct lifeline. If I do things that damage my kidney I could be putting my life on the line."

We're so glad Wayne found NKFI and that he's connected with a fellow transplant patient. If you're looking for support or someone to talk to, we invite you to explore your options below.

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