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This moment, brought to you by your kidneys…

When Ayden was 13 years old he was diagnosed with Minimal Change Disease which causes Nephrotic Syndrome. He has been adjusting to his new life style changes including his diet and medications. One month ago he started a new medication that is stronger to help his body go into remission and hopefully stay in remission for a longer duration of time.

With his recent kidney diagnosis, Ayden was worried and nervous if he would be able to continue wrestling. Ayden has been wrestling his entire life since he was five years old. He was able to have a successful competitive wrestling season, despite some health hurdles and medication changes during the season. He didn’t let his diagnosis hold him back and he became a state qualifier for the second year in a row.

Ayden says, “With my kidney disease, I can still be like a normal teenager, wrestle around, play with my friends, do my homework, skateboard, ride my bike, and still eat junk food and candy in moderation."

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