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This lil Cubbie Got Her Kidney!

You may remember our friend Bridgett. We got a wonderful update from her today:

"Two weeks ago today, my life started a new chapter. On July 8th 2020, I finally received my kidney transplant!!

My transplant date was originally scheduled for March 26th, but due to COVID it was sadly postponed. So me and my donor stayed healthy and waited and waited. Till finally, a new date was made, July 8th 2020! The surgery went very well and my donor and I are both doing great! Every day I wake up I feel even better then the day before. No more dialysis, yay!

Even though I’m feeling great, the new kidney life is a little crazy right now with adjusting to the new medicines, follow up appointments and sometimes life throws me a curve ball or two! Me and my amazing transplant team are making sure everything stays healthy and well!

As for my donor, I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for him, he is a true hero and such a inspiration. We need more people like him in this wild world! I am also so thankful for everyone in my life supporting me along my journey!! Thank goodness for music, dancing, and solitaire to get me by the 5 1/2 days I was in the hospital!

Here is to new beginnings!"

We couldn't be happier for Bridgett and we're so thankful that her donor made this decision! Here's to many years of kidney health and smooth recoveries for both of them!

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