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Share Your COVID-19 Story!

To keep up our momentum in Washington, D.C., and in your state capitals the National Kidney Foundation is asking you to share your story and tell us how you’re meeting the challenges posed by COVID-19. We want to hear how the coronavirus and social distancing efforts have impacted you as a kidney patient so that policymakers can better understand why prompt kidney disease policy reforms are necessary, as well as the positive impact those reforms will have for patients, families, and caregivers.

Topics to consider sharing include:

  • If you’ve had an issue related to kidney disease care that your friends and/or family have come together to help you solve.

  • If you’ve been unable to get more than 30 days of medications and were forced to put yourself or family members at risk by going to a pharmacy.

  • If your usual ride to dialysis refused to pick you up, or made it more difficult to travel to get care.

  • If your dialysis facility staff did not have adequate protective gear for themselves or their patients.

  • Whether you’ve had your first telehealth appointment as a result of COVID-19, and how it’s changed your perspective on the care you receive.

  • If you’ve tried and/or succeeded in getting access to home dialysis during the pandemic and what that’s meant to you.

Whatever your story, we want to hear it! Thank you for sharing and helping us ensure that policymakers better address the needs of kidney patients like yourself.

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