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Christine's Story

Updated: Feb 26

Waiting for a kidney transplant is never easy. Christine tells us about their journey with PKD.

PKD, or Polycystic Kidney Disease, is an inherited disorder in which clusters of cysts develop in the kidneys. The cysts in polycystic kidney disease are noncancerous sacs containing water-like fluid. They can grow substantially. Many people with this condition have kidney failure by the age of 60.

Knowing Christine has PKD, they see the importance of maintaining a diet and watching what they eat and drink.

For almost three years, Christine has been waiting for a transplant. And in that time, they have learned so much about their body, from how their kidneys function to the importance of kidney care.

When asked about some of their favorite programs, Christine said they like Living with Kidney Disease & Transplantation (LWKDT). During LWKDT, we provide a unique forum that allows kidney patients and their families to be part of an expert-led conversation where they can receive more information regarding their diagnosis, a supportive environment, and so much more.

When encouraging other patients, Christine says, “Try and stay positive and don’t lose hope.”

Finding a kidney donor would mean the world to Christine; they are hoping to find a match and a hero so they can continue working a job they love and help those – including the family dog. If you are looking to become a hero for others like Christine, click here to learn more about kidney donation.

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