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ADA Imagine Camp

**Shared as a courtesy on behalf of the American Diabetes Association - Illinois**

This summer may look different, but it's still going to be a blast. ADA Imagine Camp brings all the magic and excitement of camp right to families across the country. Campers will make new friends and learn new diabetes management skills that build confidence. ADA Imagine Camp is designed to facilitate an at-home, virtual experience connecting kids and families. Offered Monday through Friday, with daily 1-hour virtual meetups for kids ages 5-17! REGISTER FOR ONE SESSION OR ALL-AT NO COST!

  • Session 1: June 7th-June 11th

  • Session 2 June 21st-June 25th

  • Session 3 July 12th-July 16th

  • Session 4 July 26th- July 30th

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