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You are Invited to Take Part in a Research Study!

Researchers at Northwestern University and Georgetown University invite you to participate in a telephone/Zoom focus group and follow-up online survey about how doctors can talk about genetic testing to potential living kidney donors of African ancestry. You will be asked about your preferences on the content, design, and functionality of a mobile app and the way doctors talk. The research study aims to improve ways doctors talk to living kidney donors of African ancestry to help donors make informed decisions about living donation.

You are eligible to participate if you:

• Identify as Black or African American, or have African ancestry

• Are 18+ years old

• Speak English

• Have access to email

This focus group is voluntary and will take about 2 hours of your time.

You will receive an e-gift card for $50 to a major retailer for your participation, which will be e-mailed after you complete the follow-up online survey.

For more information, call or email:

Elisa Gordon, PhD, MPH

(312) 503-5563

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