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Tips For Enjoying the Holidays while on a Kidney Diet

Enjoy Your holiday!​

The holidays should be fun! With a little pre-planning, you can enjoy friends and family without worrying about de-railing your diet.

Engage in mindful eating​

Mindful eating (i.e., paying attention to our food, on purpose, moment by moment, without judgment) is an approach to food that focuses on individuals' sensual awareness of the food and their experience of the food. Really taste your food, notice the textures, flavors, and savor each bite.

Give your brain time to recognize fullness​

It can be tempting to go back for seconds of your favorite dish right away. Give your stomach time to let your brain know you're full so you can avoid that "I need to unbutton my pants" uncomfortable feeling.

Use a plate for appetizers instead of picking​

You'll see how much you're really eating when it's presented on a plate versus an evening of grazing at the buffet.

Think of MyPlate when making your holiday plate​

Try to make half of your plate fruits and vegetables. Learn more about the MyPlate method here.

Add an extra serving of vegetables to the plate​

By loading your plate with veggies, you'll still feel full and satisfied without overindulging on bread or pasta.

Skip the salt-shaker​

There's more sodium already in your food than you think. Skip the salt shaker and season your food with pepper vinegar, herbs, or lemon juice instead.

Sip on water in-between alcoholic beverages​

By slowing down and having a glass of water between drinks, you'll drink less and lower your sugar intake.

Enjoy fruit or a small piece of dessert​

The holidays are for celebrating and you don't have to abandon your favorite foods. Enjoy grandma's famous pie - just make it a small slice that you can really savor.

Move your body with activities that bring your joy

Invite your cousins to go on a neighborhood walk after the meal. Put on your favorite music and start a dance party. Start the day with refreshing yoga session. Aim to move your body for 20-30 minutes per day.

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