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This moment, brought to you by your kidneys...

It hasn't always been smiles and thumbs up for this sweet boy. When Gavin was just 3 1/2 years old, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease that would ultimately leave him with very little kidney function.

In September of 2017, Gavin's kidney function was at dangerous levels and he had no choice but to go on dialysis. By the miracle of science, dialysis saved his life.

His mom Robyn says, "Although his chronic kidney disease (CKD) diagnosis was not what we had envisioned for our smart, playful, beautiful boy, we are blessed to be surrounded by exceptional doctors and nurses that provide care that allows him to live a 'normal' life."

Just recently, as Gavin celebrated his 10th birthday, he was granted approval for a kidney transplant. His family says, "We hope this year will bring him back the childhood he deserves. Our family has chosen to share Gavin's story and advocate for kidney health in the hopes that we can help others struggling with this disease."

Gavin's mom even started Phabulous Foods to solve that universal mom problem: feeding your kids healthy snacks they'll actually eat. The twist is that in addition to being healthy and tasty, her snacks are low in phosphorus so they're appropriate for people with kidney disease!

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