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Spare Change: An Easier Way to Give

Updated: May 11, 2022

With the NKFI's Spare Change program, donors sign up to give their spare change (debit card transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar) with three simple steps. Cheerful tracks the transactions on the linked account and will trigger a donation when the change accumulates to $5.

Users donate an average of $20 per month in spare change. Just 100 spare change donors could raise $25,000 a year in micro-donations for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.

Every dime you donate supports the mission of the NKFI, and allows us to connect kidney disease patients and their families with much-needed resources and information.

Let us know if you need help getting started by calling 312-321-1500 or emailing Heidi Merritt at 

Spare Change Features:

  • Easy Sign up ​Sign up in seconds with three simple steps.

  • Donor Dashboard ​Track contributions, set donation limits, generate a year-end statement and make one-time gifts with a tap.

  • Monthly Limits Donors have the option of limiting their monthly contributions.

  • Secure Bank Data​ User-permissioned transaction history is tracked via Plaid. Bank credentials are never accessed.

  • Secure Payments Like Facebook and Amazon, Cheerful uses Stripe to securely process donations.

  • Supported Banks Choose your bank from over 9,600 financial institutions in the U.S and Canada.

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