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New Transplant Center in Illinois for Veterans

For veteran patients with advanced kidney dysfunction and for those who require dialysis for survival, Edward Hines Jr., VA Hospital now offers kidney transplantation.

Steps to Receiving a Transplant

  1. A referral is made from your nephrologist or dialysis unit

  2. The referral coordinators at your home VA will schedule several tests ( radiology and cardiac evaluation) and consults with specialists if needed

  3. Once completed, these test results will be sent to our transplant team for review You will be scheduled for an in person or virtual evaluation within 30 days

  4. After the evaluation, the transplant team will discuss the results and determine whether the Veteran requires additional testing or is eligible to be placed on the national deceased donor waiting list

  5. After listing, we will continually provide you and your caregiver with support and education before, during and after transplant

  6. Ask about dual listing opportunities

Reynold I. Lopez Soler Manpreet Samra Christine Trotter


Director Medical Director Transplant APN

Renal Transplant Program Renal Transplant Program

Edward Hines Jr., VA Hospital

5000 S. Fifth Avenue Hines, IL. 60141 Building 1, Room E236

Tel: (708) 202 8387 x28888

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