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Mary Begel: 45 years Kidney Strong!

Happy 45 years #kidneystrong to Mary Begel!

Mary celebrated her monumental milestone with family and friends last weekend. Mary and her brothers, including her donor Greg, are pictured.

Mary says, "As I reflect on this past weekend and noting the celebration of my 45th anniversary on my kidney transplant. I look back with amazement and gratitude over the gifts I have been blessed with. The first gift was my brother, Greg, sharing a part of himself so that I might live. Back in 1977, my journey began with a visit to country doctor because I just didn’t feel right. From there I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago. Once I arrived, I was under the care of Dr. Olga Jonasson. On August 11, 1977 my gift of life occurred.

With each passing year, the gifts continued. I graduated college; married and became a mom to 2 wonderful sons. Over the 45 years, I’ve continued to be a daughter, sister, aunt (great aunt x3), cousin and niece. The blessings continue to this day and I hope years to come.

My kidney is strong, with continued family and friends support, I know it will be for years to come.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with the kidney community and give hope to others along this journey."

Congratulations to Mary and her family and THANK YOU to her brother Greg for choosing to become her donor, giving her 45 years and counting with his kidney!
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