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Marquita's Choice to Donate


Marquita contacted the NKFI a few months ago with lots of questions about what it's like to be a living donor. She spoke with our Director of Programs, Megan Craig, who is a living donor herself and they talked about the fears, the benefits and the possibilities of donating a kidney.

Marquita, just before donation

Marquita shared with us that on Friday, May 31, she took the plunge and participated in a paired exchange on behalf of her cousin, Shanecka. Shanecka received a kidney from another donor named Javoni and Marquita's kidney went to his intended recipient, Maria.

(l-r) Shanecka, Marquita, Javoni, Maria

We're so thrilled that two lives were saved through living donation and a paired exchange and we wish Marquita, Shanecka, Javoni and Maria quick recoveries! If you have questions about becoming living donor or participating in a paired exchange, give us a call at 800-9-KIDNEY.

Marquita and Shanecka

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