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KidneyMobile screens at Autism & Special Needs Walk-a-Thon

State Representative Chris Emmanuel Welch and NKFI CEO Jackie Burgess-Bishop

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, the KidneyMobile screened participants at the 10th Annual Autism & Special Needs Walk-a-Thon, hosted by The Answer, Inc.

(l-r) NKFI CEO Jackie Burgess-Bishop, The Answer Inc. Founder/CEO Debra Vines, Angelique Marseilles of the Secretary of State's office

The screening gave caregivers, who often neglect their own healthcare needs while tending to a loved one, an opportunity to get screened for diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.

(l-r) NKFI CEO Jackie Burgess-Bishop, Mayor of Bellwood Andre Harvey, NKFI Board and Professional Advisory Board member Dr. Divya Jain Arwindekar

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who made this event possible!

NKFI Board member Dr. Holly Mattix-Kramer gives a consult to two screening participants

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