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KFVS12: Southern 7 Health Department kicks off KidneyMobile service

ULLIN, Ill. (KFVS) - The Southern 7 Health Department (S7HD) is teaming up with local businesses and organizations to bring health services for your kidney, on wheels.

“For the KidneyMobile(r) we team up with a local organization [National Kidney Foundation of Illinois] that provides free screenings to everybody in the whole state of Illinois,” Natalie Sawyer with S7HD said.

Sawyer explained the mobile health service will stop at various locations and at various times and dates that they do screenings.

She said keeping up with your kidney’s health can help to prevent future illnesses.

“Diabetes is connected to the kidneys, and you will often hear of you know people going on dialysis.”

Sawyer said since there is no current cure for kidney failure, detecting a problem can be the solution to living longer.

“That’s why it’s one of those things that we try to get people to learn about, you know, how the body functions but also to get those screenings early on, because prevention is better than trying to treat it later,” Sawyer said.

She said prevention is the main goal of the mobile service. Whether it comes to the health of your kidneys or any other part of your body.

“There is so much more that doctors and we can do for ourselves if we learn about things early on. So, prevention first of course, but if you do find yourself, finding out that you have some type of disease or disorder of course earlier treatment is always better,” Sawyer said.

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