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Community Counts: Central Illinois Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Knowing what direction our health is going in can be scary, especially for those facing life-changing diseases like kidney disease or diabetes. But one not-for-profit organization made entirely of women is stepping in to help. Although it’s a national group, we have a local chapter as well.

This collection of women is called The Links, Incorporated. Locally, they’re called the Central Illinois Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. Still, the mission remains the same. To enrich, ensure, sustain and educate the African-American communities throughout the world. For today’s interview, we chose to focus on health.

Two members of the Central Illinois Chapter of The Links, Incorporated joined me this morning. Denise Poindexter and Dr. Danita Brown-Young. Together, they want to champion an effort to rally the African-American community in addressing their health. Especially if they experience kidney disease and diabetes.

That’s why on March 31st of this year, the Central Illinois Chapter of The Links, Incorporated and the Black K.A.R.E (Kidney Awareness Resources and Education) program are teaming up to offer a free screening for kidney disease and diabetes. It will occur from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club.

“It’s near and dear to my heart because my father has chronic kidney disease and he’s a Dialysis patient. So it’s very important that you know your numbers. Your body mass index, all of those things. Also, try to have access to healthy foods and healthy living,” says Dr. Brown-Young.

African-Americans account for 35% of kidney disease in the U.S. and diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney failure in their communities. Which is why Denise and Dr. Brown-Young have a goal of getting at least 100 people screened at their event on March 31st.

Again, the event is free and is designed for adults to take charge of their health and take advantage of a screening that can potentially save their lives. It’s open to everyone, but primarily African-American individuals who experience kidney disease or diabetes.

To pre-register for the March 31st screening, you can call 312-321-1500 or click here.

We will have more on the Champaign screening and others in Central Illinois next week, so stay tuned to the Morning Show at 6:00.

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