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CBS2: CBS 2 meteorologist Ed Curran returning to weekend mornings after kidney transplant

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

From CBS2 Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS)-- CBS 2 meteorologist Ed Curran is returning to weekend mornings with a new kidney!

This week, Curran took to Facebook to share the good news, after getting a kidney transplant from his sister for Christmas. He'd been on dialysis since December 2019, after suffering an acute kidney injury in 2018.

"I have some personal news to share. I got a kidney transplant for Christmas! It's something I've needed for over 3 years," He wrote. "There are simply no words to express my love and appreciation for my sister, Patti Orthwein (pictured). It took months of tests and many 4 hour commutes (each way) to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, with her supportive husband Wayne, to accomplish this life-saving organ donation. Thank you. I'm humbled."

Curran will be back on CBS 2 on Saturday morning. We're happy to see him back at work and healthy after his transplant.

"I'm feeling really great, and it's a great opportunity to be able to tell people to think about organ donation, and what they can do," Curran told the CBS 2 morning team on Friday.

Curran said it was important to have his family at his side throughout the process, including his adorable grandkids.

"It was really a help. It gives you hope, it gives you something to look forward to. My wife was incredibly helpful throughout this entire thing. I mean, I don't know how I could do this without all the help that I got from Monica. And, you know, the kids, the grandkids are wonderful," he said.

Unfortunately, because of the effect a transplant has on the immune system, and the risk of getting COVID-19, he has seen them very little since getting his new kidney, but "that'll pick up, and we'll see them more now that I had yesterday my three-month anniversary of the transplant."

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