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Ask the Expert: Chronic Kidney Disease Learning Series

This virtual learning series is moderated by experts in chronic kidney disease population health strategies.

Each event offers expert perspectives on key CKD population health strategies and includes direct feedback to questions submitted by participating care teams. These informal one-hour sessions provide attendees an opportunity to explore CKD care and ask questions of faculty expert in CKD guidelines and management.

Thursdays at 10:00 PT/11:00 MT/12:00 CT/1:00 ET

September 17 Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Kidney Disease

This session details the intersection of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and CKD to enable primary care to slow kidney disease progression and properly manage complications. Primary care is in the ideal position to control of CKD comorbidities and optimize outcomes.

October 1 Self-management Strategies in Chronic Kidney Disease

This session introduces the impact of chronic disease self-management for individuals with CKD. Interactive evidence-based programs employ concepts such as goal setting and action planning to help participants develop skills that encourage active engagement in health which is essential for anyone facing kidney disease.

October 15 Nephrology Referral and Co-Management of Chronic Kidney Disease

This session reviews indications for CKD evaluation & management within the primary care setting. Fundamental concepts that facilitate timely referral to nephrology and co-management of kidney patients will also be presented to enable practical application.

October 29 Community-Clinical Approach to Chronic Kidney Disease

This session examines a comprehensive approach to CKD care that addresses health disparities and fosters enhanced primary care along a continuum. Access to patient-centric resources that emphasize quality of life and health outcome improvement will also be discussed.

To submit questions for discussion, please click here.

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