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workplace giving

Make the most of your work day by connecting your business and fellow employees to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, and to the cause of a healthier future.

Giving in the workplace is a simple and effective way to support free screenings, innovative research, and families touched by kidney disease. Every year, numerous office heroes take advantage of the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charity of their choice through workplace giving. 


Workplace giving programs tend to vary from office to office, but to get you started, we've shared a few typical structures below.

Need some help?  Or have a question?  Our Development Manager Wesley Bauer is happy to help.

email:  |  phone: (312) 321 - 1500  x 238

how it works

getting the process started

If your employer has an established giving program in place, we recommend taking advantage of their existing infrastructure. If no firm charity practice exists, consider taking initiative, and introducing your office to the following giving structures.


If you need to find information on your workplace's existing community-giving procedures, contacting your H/R department is usually a good start.

Payroll Deduction Programs

This type of platform is exactly what it sounds like: a small portion of your paycheck is automatically deducted every payment cycle, and is funneled directly to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. Some companies operate year-round payroll deduction programs, others conduct them seasonally (often beginning in the fall). This is by far the most common form of workplace giving; it is easy to set up, effortless to carry out, and an incredibly effective way to offer ongoing support for kidney disease research.

To make your gift go further, explore whether or not you can combine your deduction with your Employer’s Matching Gift program.

Annual Giving Campaigns

This channel is organized in exactly the same manner as a Payroll Deduction Program, but it takes place only at certain times of year. The key difference between the two programs is Annual Giving Campaigns are often company-wide, and are sometimes organized to support one charity. This means you would have to propose the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois be named beneficiary of your company’s philanthropic effort.

Beyond the incredible benefit of receiving funds from a concentrated fundraising effort, Annual Giving Campaigns are fantastic opportunities to share the importance of kidney disease awareness with new communities.

Partner Programs

Your company may conduct its giving through a third party program like:

These programs enable employees to pledge a total amount of money that will be deducted from pay over the course of a year. To name the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois as your beneficiary in any of their programs, please write in the following to the “Donor Choice” prompt: 

National Kidney Foundation of Illinois

Federal Tax EIN: E9984 - 2823 - 07

215 West Illinois Street, Suite 1C 

Chicago, Illinois 60654

benefits of
workplace giving

Workplace giving offers numerous advantages for supporters like yourself, and for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.

  • Convenience and Tax Benefits. It’s easy to calculate your tax benefits with payroll deductions.

  • Simple Finances. Small gifts go a long way. If you give $20 a week, over the course of a year you will have contributed over $1,000 to the future of kidney disease treatment.

  • Sustainable Giving. When the NKFI knows we can count on your ongoing support, it allows us to focus more on providing resources to researchers and families, and less on fundraising.

need any help?

If your company needs to confirm their giving channels with the Foundation itself, or if you need help organizing a National Kidney Foundation of Illinois Workplace Giving program, please contact our Development Manager Wesley Bauer for assistance.


phone: (312) 321 - 1500  x 238

- - - - -

Should your employer need the NKFI's tax exempt info:

Federal Tax EIN: 366009226

Illinois Tax Exempt Number: E9984 - 2823 - 07

other ways to give

thank you for your passion

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois happily welcomes the support of civic-minded business leaders, and we offer several channels you may use to get involved in our work.

Corporate Champions

Partner with the NKFI to make a meaningful contribution to kidney research, and receive exclusive benefits.


Demonstrate your support of the NKFI, and make a major impact in the fight against kidney disease.

Matching Gifts

Double your donation and make you gift go further by working with your employer on a matching gift.  


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