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WMBD: Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ holds community health talk

Posted: Oct 29, 2023 / 04:46 PM CDT

Updated: Oct 31, 2023 / 05:23 PM CDT

PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — The Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ in Peoria hosted a community health talk on kidney disease Sunday afternoon.

After Sunday service, dozens gathered in the church’s basement to hear from medical professionals about kidney failure.

According to the National Kidney Foundation [of Illinois], one in three American adults are at risk of developing kidney disease.

Marcia Bolden with the church said it’s important to bring awareness to those who may not be informed about what symptoms to look out for.

“These are un-represented areas so we’re super excited to have our community friends and our congregates here to learn about all of the resources and how we can detect if there’s a possible issue with our kidneys,” said Bolden. “Being able to know what questions to ask, what foods to be eating and just if there are any symptoms and where we can go for help is so important, so that’s why we’re here today.”

She said the church plans on hosting more health talks in the future.

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