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Evan Simms, kidney recipient, testifies in Senate Revenue Committee to promote organ donation

From the office of State Senator Sue Rezin:

Contact: Ellie Leonard (217) 558-4881

State Senator Sue Rezin applauds Evan Simms of South Wilmington, who courageously testified Wednesday in the Senate Revenue Committee on a bill that would allow businesses to receive a tax credit for offering their employees 30 days of paid leave if they decide to be a living organ donor.

(l-r) State Sen. Toi Hutchinson, Evan's grandmother Debbie Wollgast, Evan Simms, Evan's mom Anne Simms, and Sen. Sue Rezin

Evan, age 9, is a kidney recipient and noted the importance that Senate Bill 68 would have in encouraging people to become living organ donors.

Senate Bill 68 would give businesses a tax credit of up to 25% of the wages or salary owed to the employee who takes the organ donor leave.

NKFI Programs Director Megan Craig and Evan Simms. Meg is Evan's kidney donor.

Wednesday’s committee hearing heard subject matter testimony only on SB 68. The bill has not yet been brought to the committee for a vote.


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