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Challenges to Know Your Body.

We want you to meet Wanda. Over the course of the past 20 years, Wanda has waited on and off for a new kidney.

During her wait for a transplant, she managed to balance her life and kidney disease. Between her dialysis treatments three days a week for three hours a day, she was taking care of her mother, her son, and herself. Happily, in August of 2022, Wanda received her second transplant!

Wanda says, "Kidney health is important to me because I have lived with [kidney disease] for so long and it could have been prevented." She urges patients to develop strong relationships with their doctors to make sure their concerns are heard.

Wanda encourages everyone to “listen to your body.” Listen when you notice any changes or if something feels different. Be sure you watch your blood pressure, diabetes levels, and stress level, and most importantly: know your family's medical history.

Wanda hopes to be back at the Walk for Kidneys this summer. Learn more at

When asked how NKFI helped her on her journey with kidney disease, Wanda says, "The NKFI helped me with the information regarding dialysis, using my voice and learning about living with kidney failure."

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