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Ask the Dietitian: What are the best foods for kidney disease?


What are the best foods for kidney disease?


Most foods can fit on a kidney-friendly diet. As a dietitian I encourage people to choose foods from whole food sources that are minimally processed. What does that mean? It means choosing an apple or apple chips or a chicken breast over chicken nuggets. Foods that are minimally processed will have less food additives like phosphorus and potassium that can cause increases in your phosphorus and potassium lab values. This also means that it is ok to choose whole grains like brown rice and wheat bread. While both of these foods have slightly more phosphorus than their white counterparts, we do not absorb much of that phosphorus making it ok for you choose. Other foods that are great for the kidney include cruciferous vegetables, fruits, herbs, olive oil, fish, and egg whites. Learn more about these foods here.

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