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Holiday Gift Guide for the Kidney Lover

With the holiday season upon us and a few shopping days left, we’re here to help you with some fantastic gifts for those navigating the journey of chronic kidney disease. With gifts ranging from books and slippers to homemade gifts and everything in between, this gift guide is sure to include something for everyone.


Children’s Book


To kick things off for the kids and teens:  a great all-around tool for explaining your kidneys! The Book About Kidneys; And No, Not the Beans is written to help young children understand the importance of their kidney health. Did you know more than 9,800 children and adolescents have kidney failure or end-stage renal disease?

The Book Abount Kidneys And no, not the beans. by Jessica Web
The Book About Kidneys


Cozy Slippers


If you’re looking for more of a cozy gift, consider these fantastic Kidney Slippers – for those extra cold days. These are a perfect gift for those waiting for their new kidney, nephrology nerds, dialysis patients, and kidney donors.

Purple kidney slippers with a smiling face
Purple kidney slippers


Smart Watch


Technology can be so helpful when tracking metrics like water intake, diet and nutrition, exercise, blood pressure, blood sugar, and more! Consider battery life, health-tracking features built into the watch, a medium to large display for easy viewing, and the capability to add apps that make it easy to read and analyze their metrics.

Three smart watches various brands and models show casing health features.
Smart watches


Hand-Made Blanket


If you love for your gift to come from your two hands and are more of a crafty gifter, what could be better than a fleece tie blanket? Whether your recipient is on dialysis, makes frequent trips to the hospital, or is recovering from transplant surgery at home, you can never go wrong with the warmth of a blanket and add that extra little something, knowing that it's homemade.  


With straightforward and easy-to-follow steps, you'll be crafting these blankets for your loved ones until the next holiday season. (We’d love one in NKFI Orange and White)


An Investment in the Future


While traditional gifts hold their own charm, there’s one gift with the power to drive the future of treatment, ignite groundbreaking research, and ensure comprehensive kidney healthcare for all. We suggest a donation to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois in honor of your loved one.


Donating to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois is a direct investment in the well-being of individuals and families navigating the complexities of kidney health. It's a gesture that extends beyond the holiday season, creating a lasting impact throughout the year. Picture how happy your recipient will be, knowing that your contribution is pivotal in transforming lives. Your gift helps drive the future of treatment, research, and kidney healthcare.

Happy Holidays from all of us at NKFI!

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