advocacy day

Fri. March 31, 2020

Capitol Building

Springfield, IL

a global effort

for everyone, everywhere

In honor of the 1.2 million Illinois residents who are estimated to be battling kidney disease, every year the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois joins with healthcare organizations and advocacy groups to speak on behalf of kidney patients, living donors and those at-risk of developing the disease. This day of exercising our civic rights is focused on raising awareness of issues relating to kidney health, and welcomes new supporters from all corners of Illinois into our fight.



location & details

stand for kidneys, defend your rights



8:00am    -  Kidney Advocate Pickup, Chicago

9:15am    -  Kidney Advocate Pickup, Joliet


12:00pm  -  Arrive in Springfield

12:15pm  -  Briefing on Legislator Meetings

     Boxed Lunch

1:15pm    -  Group photo, steps of Capitol building

2:00pm    -  Press Conference, Rotunda

     Legislator Meetings

     Blood Sugar Readings, North Hall

4:00pm    -  Leave Springfield

6:30pm    -  Kidney Advocate Drop-Off, Joliet

7:30pm    -  Kidney Advocate Drop-Off, Chicago


kidney health resources

empowering through education

Donating Blood

Find resources and information about dialysis - including toolkits, treatment options, and a clinic finder.

In case you had any doubts about how inc

Explore how kidney donations work, get details about becoming a donor, and learn about the process of receiving a kidney.

Nutritional Cooking

 Get the help you need to manage diet and nutrition, and empower yourself to eat and live well with kidney disease.



advocacy partners

you make the difference

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois is able to support patients and families, conduct free educational seminars, and offer community screening days through the generosity of our passionate supporters, and a remarkable team of dedicated partners. For more information on partnering with the NKFI's advocacy efforts, contact Monica Fox at or 312-321-1500.


explore more events

improving lives, improving communities

signature events

Join the NKFI at a community-building event, and help us create resources for education, patients, and families.



Take control of your own health and connect with experts and resources at one of our free educational seminars.



Learn from leaders in the field and deepen your understanding of CKD at an NKFI professional development day.

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phone: (312) 321 - 1500

toll free: (800) 9 - KIDNEY

fax: (312) 321 - 1505


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