In November 2005, the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois launched the nation's first KidneyMobile®, a custom mobile unit offering free prevention education and health screenings for kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes to Illinois communities.

A typical screening includes free comprehensive tests, and each participant has the opportunity to review his/her screening results with a trained medical professional on-site. They provide necessary recommendations based on screening results, referrals to a health provider and education and tips on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

To date, the KidneyMobile has screened more than 50,000 participants in Illinois. Alarmingly, over 80% of those screened were found to have at least one significantly abnormal test result. This shocking statistic clearly indicates how important it is to provide free, chronic disease screenings and education in communities throughout Illinois, particularly in areas deemed most at-risk.

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Blood Pressure
Untreated and/or undiagnosed high blood pressure can cause kidney disease. High blood pressure in most adults ages 18-60 is greater than 140/90, or greater than 150/90 if you are over age 60. Goals for blood pressure may differ depending on if you have conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, or protein in your urine. Talk to your doctor to find out what the right goal is for you.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Body Mass Index is the relation of height to weight.  Obesity can cause diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

Waist Circumference
This is a simple measurement of the waist. Carrying too much weight around your middle can increase your risk of developing diabetes and other diseases.

Blood Glucose
Blood is drawn through a simple finger stick and is tested to assess how much glucose (sugar) is in your blood.  It is not a definite indicator for diabetes. Diabetics and others who are considered at greater risk may have an additional HbA1c test performed which provides a 3-month snapshot of blood sugar control.

Blood Draw
A blood draw provides information on serum creatinine and eGFR, an estimation of kidney function.

A urine sample determines if there is an infection or if there are microscopic amounts of protein present. This can be an early sign of kidney disease, sometimes referred to as "spilling protein."

Private Consultation
We want to make sure you understand your screening results and important next steps to better your health. Each participant will have a private consultation at the end of the screening where you receive your individual test results.

Learn about who the KidneyMobile has helped: 

Hear from people who have been screened:

“I was totally blown away by the KidneyMobile exhibit. Actually seeing how much fat and sugar were in certain products was an eye opening experience. Not just for me, but for my 14 year old daughter who is also obese. We learned how to make healthier food choices.” - Cairo Resident

“The staff at the screening was compassionate and thorough. While my results were somewhat discouraging, I am now aware of the seriousness of my condition. Please continue these screenings so more people can be made aware and helped.” - Melrose Park Resident

“I learned that my e-GFR and triglycerides were abnormal for the first time. I’m very grateful and thankful that the KidneyMobile came. It was a really big help to me [as it] was my only way to get free [care] without insurance.” - Bellville Resident