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the big ask, the big give

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looking for a living donor

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This 4-hour training program is designed to help kidney patients find a living donor. Created for kidney patients on the waitlist, family members, friends, and potential living donors, this workshop provides education about living donation and transplant and teaches 7 Key Strategies for finding a living donor, taught in a highly interactive and engaging format. The goals of this workshop are:

  • To educate patients on the waitlist, family members, friends and potential donors about the benefits of living organ donation

  • To educate patients on the waitlist and their support communities about methods to successfully share their stories in order to find a living donor and reduce waiting time

  • To educate potential living donors about the process of donation and ways to offer an organ to a waitlist candidate

** Please Note: Like all NKFI Educational Events, this program is presented free of charge.


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  • Registration is free: as is parking, lunch and all program materials.

  • Pre-registration online: is requested for all attendees.

  • Donations: to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois are welcome and will help cover additional program expenses.

Location & Details

location & details



12:00pm  -  Welcome and Goals

12:10pm  -  Bust Myths - True or False?

12:20pm  -  Know the Facts

12:50pm  -  Break

1:00pm  -  Create Your Story

1:30pm  -  Spread the Word

1:45pm  -  Lunch Break with Discussion



2:15pm  -  Spread the Word - Conversation Starters

2:30pm  -  Build a Network of Advocates

2:40pm  -  Learn from Peers: Resources to Help

2:50pm  -  Break

3:00pm  -  Learn from Peers: Living Donor & Recipient Panel

3:45pm  -  Create an Action Plan

3:50pm  -  Wrap Up and Evaluation

*Agenda subject to change






Revisit the day's seminars and lectures by exploring the presentation materials below. All materials are free to access, and available for download.


Click here to download the presentations. 


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Find resources and information about dialysis - including toolkits, treatment options, and a clinic finder.

Nurse And Patient

Explore how kidney donations work, get details about becoming a donor, and learn about the process of receiving a kidney.

Nutritional Cooking

 Get the help you need to manage diet and nutrition, and empower yourself to eat and live well with kidney disease.


program sponsors

you make the difference

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois is able to support patients and families, conduct free educational seminars, and offer community screening days through the generosity of our passionate supporters, and a remarkable team of dedicated sponsors. For more information on sponsoring this program, contact Brigit Dunne at


Give the gift of a second chance.

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