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Vermillion County First - Fri Oct 28th: A Special Chance for Kidney Screening in Danville

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Coming up Friday, October 28th; Noon to 4 PM in Danville at the New Life Church Banquet Center on North Bowman, will be a chance for free health clinics and kidney screenings. The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois’ KidneyMobile will be offering these free screenings, in a cooperative effort with the Illinois Primary Heath Care Association, and the Illinois Public Health Association.

Monica Fox, a kidney transplant recipient herself, says getting a kidney screening is very important; because kidney disease tends to hide itself from us.

AUDIO: Statistics say that 37,000,000 people in this country have kidney disease, and 90% of them don’t know it. Kidney disease at it’s earliest stages really don’t have any symptoms that can’t be explained away some other way.

Vermilion County Public Health Administrator Douglas Toole agrees, saying this is a great opportunity to check something very important.

AUDIO: Symptoms can be not that noticeable, or easy to confuse with someone else. So if we’ve got the kidney van down here, this is a really good opportunity to go in, talk to the folks, get a screening; and let’s see what’s going on.

Monica Fox says, schedule ahead of time if you can; but walk-ins are welcome as well.

AUDIO: At the kidney mobile we test for high blood pressure. We do glucose testing. We can test your A1C hemoglobin, if you are diabetic or if your blood glucose level is high. We check your body mass index. We run a urinalysis test. We can also to a stat blood draw, and actually find out the function of your kidneys, right there on site.

To register ahead of time for KidneyMobile’s October 28th stop in Danville, go to

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