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Upcoming WVON Radio Program on Diabetes and Organ Transplant

On Saturday, November 13, at 1pm, tune in to radio station WVON (1690AM) to hear a special program titled "Managing Diabetes to Avoid Kidney Failure" in partnership with UChicago Medicine's Urban Health Initiative. The program will feature medical professionals and experts in the fields of gastroenterology, endocrinology, transplantation, and community health advocacy, as well as NKFI Board President Dr. Tipu Puri.

This program will highlight the risks of diabetes and how to manage the condition; the relationship between diabetes and kidney disease; and the ways that patients, caregivers, and family members can help those navigating these illnesses to manage their own health and prevent the onset of negative health outcomes such as kidney failure.

Watch the program on Facebook Live @communityhealthfocus, and to learn more about the UChicago Urban Health Initiative, follow the program on Instagram @UCMurbanhealthinitiative.

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