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NKFI Statement on Changes to Kidney Care

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

On Wednesday, July 10, the Secretary of Health and Human Services and current Administration issued an executive order, announcing upcoming changes to kidney health care in the United States. These changes include:

  1. Five alternative payment models for coverage of kidney disease treatments, including incentives for transplantation and slowing progression of kidney disease

  2. Home dialysis and earlier care of kidney patients

  3. Expanded financial assistance to living donors to cover lost wages and dependent care during donation and recovery

  4. New measures for organ procurement organizations (OPOs) to help increase transplantation

  5. Efforts to reduce the number of kidneys discarded

  6. Efforts to advance the development of an artificial kidney

  7. A public awareness campaign to reach the at-risk population and also help increase living organ donation.

The NKFI would like to applaud the efforts of the following not-for-profit organizations who advocated and worked to have the needs of kidney patients across the country heard.

All other stakeholders in the kidney health care community

We are in strong support of any efforts that advance kidney health care and look forward to having a part to help every person in Illinois affected by or at risk for chronic kidney disease access the prevention, education and empowerment they deserve.

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