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KidneyMobile Screens in Southwest Illinois

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Our KidneyMobile team visited Fairmont City, Belleville, East St Louis, Venice, and Alton, Illinois June 21-25. This trip has been several months in the making, with the KidneyMobile team collaborating with our Illinois Public Health Administration community-based organization partners in southwest Illinois to identify locations, recruit volunteers, and promote and build trust within the communities screened.

As a result of this endeavor, we were able to screen over 150 individuals, while raising awareness for kidney disease and risk factors, and providing information and education about COVID-19 vaccination. We are pleased to share a few stories of how these impactful screenings helped save lives:

  • One participant was taken to the hospital due to high blood pressure and A1C and required an urgent heart procedure.

  • Another participant with high blood pressure and high A1C was empowered to schedule a doctors appointment and begin taking chare of her health.

  • Many participants mentioned that the results provided from the screening were more comprehensive than any information she had ever received from her doctor

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