Veeda Landeras, MD

Associates in Nephrology

I was fortunate to train with renown nephrology experts during my fellowship at Case Western Reserve University. I was able to interact with patients in several settings including University Hospital, County/Trauma Center and VA Center. This multifaceted exposure enabled me to be versatile and resourceful. My training focused on providing evidence-based medicine and quality health care to all we serve within our communities. Emphasis on identifying patients who are at risk of kidney disease early on through established and novel screening methodologies, patient's education and improve communication with the extended health care team including primary care physicians and other multidisciplinary members in patient care. I believe it is a team effort to guide patients at risk of CKD in making informed decisions for their best care to prevent chronic kidney disease progression. My main interest remains chronic kidney disease management and risk modification, including but not limited to diabetic and hypertensive kidney disease, Polycystic kidney disease, glomerular disease, proteinuria, renal stones and resistant hypertension management.


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