Walk for Kidneys Team Spotlight: Kamphuis Krew

May 5, 2016

Kamphuis Krew: In Honor of Ian Kamphuis

Last year Kamphuis Krew raised just under $18,300 at Walk for Kidneys 2015. This year they hope to exceed that number.

Currently the Walk for Kidneys top fundraising team, having brought in $1,635 so far towards their $20,000 goal, the Kamphuis Krew team walks in honor of 25-year-old Ian Kamphuis. Ian was born with kidney disease, has survived three transplants and is currently waiting for a fourth, and has gone through years of dialysis. Despite all of this, his attitude remains remarkably positive.

"Even though I have had this disease for 25 years, I try not to let this disease interfere with my life. Having this disease has made me stronger as a person. I don't let this disease define who I am" said Ian, on his Walk for Kidneys fundraising page. "I live my life like a ‘NORMAL’ 25-year-old man would. Dialysis has changed my life completely. But I have been on it for a year and have learned how to live with it and work around it by having fun, working, go to school, and hanging out with some of the best friends in the world."

This is the second year that Kamphuis Krew has participated in Walk for Kidneys. “Why did we wait so long to participate? It's a journey, life is a journey and Ian's kidney disease has opened new doors throughout his life. […] We are participating in the 2016 Walk for Kidneys to promote physical activity and research, we hope for new discoveries so Ian and other kidney patients don't need to count on a machine for life” says Ian’s mom and fellow Kamphuis Krew team member, Sue Kamphuis.

"As a parent we want our children to have a great life, to be successful, to be happy and to live their dreams. God did not guarantee easy, but faith does guarantee hope. I have hope for his future, I have hope for his health, I have hope for scientific breakthroughs. I am blessed to have Ian in my life making me a better person."

To make a donation or read more about the Kamphuis Krew Walk for Kidneys team, click here. To register your own Walk for Kidneys team, visit www.nkfi.org/events/walk.




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