CEO Corner: Change Your Life for the Better

Friday, February 28, 2014

Despite having been on staff at the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois for more than twelve years, or perhaps because of it, I am still deeply moved when I learn of people whose lives were changed after they came in contact with one of our programs or events.

Earlier this week, our nurse practitioner Nancy Lepain gave a talk to a group of medical assistant students.  When she finished, she was approached by a woman who had been screened through our free KidneyMobile® program in September, 2012, almost a year and a half ago.  At the screening, she learned that she had significant proteinuria and blood in her urine and an abnormal eGFR.  During the consultation process at the screening, Nancy advised her to see a primary care physician, which she did.  Her doctor then referred her to a nephrologist, she underwent a kidney biopsy and was put on medication to control her blood pressure.  She was diagnosed with Stage 2 chronic kidney disease and is now followed closely by her physicians in an effort to stop the progression of the disease.

Her story is a sad one, but also one that could have been much worse: until being screened through the KidneyMobile® program, she had no idea that she had any health problems.  By getting screened, she is now able to monitor her health with her doctors.  She expressed incredible thanks to the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois for our part in changing the course of her life.

This story is about just one person out of the thousands of people we reach every year, and there are many other stories out there like hers.  The programs and initiatives developed by the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois have been created to help people change their lives for the better.  This is one of the countless reasons I am humbled to have recently been named the new CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. I am looking forward to continuing this critical work and changing the lives of many more people with the support of my amazing colleagues. Together, we are working dilligently toward achieving our mission through prevention, education and empowerment.

Be well,

Anne Black
Chief Executive Officer